Adult Forums – 2016-2017

Adult Forums are held each Sunday at Grace in the Peace Chapel at 9:20 am. Find the coffee in the kitchen, and then find a chair in the peace chapel! All are welcome.

April 30 — Luther: His Life and Times

This introduction to Luther and his times acknowledges Luther not just as a reformer but also as professor, pastor, public advisor, polemicist, family man, and confessor of the faith. Looking at Luther from several perspectives helps illuminate this complex and influential figure. Our speaker will be Dr. Mary Jane Haemig, Professor of Church History, Director of the Reformation Research Program at Luther Seminary in St. Paul.

May 7 – Praying in Color

Grace member Nancy Olson will introduce the spiritual practice Praying in Color.  This unique practice invites us to return to a child-like love of coloring to enhance our prayer life.  Paper and pencils/crayons/markers will be provided.  Bring along your own list of people to pray for and/or a favorite Bible verse. 

May 14 –  HIV in Minnesota: Our Role as Christians

Joy Ladu and Allison Connelly from the Minnesota AIDS Project will talk about working with people who are living with HIV. In addition, Tesha Johnson will share her story as a person living with HIV.  She is actively assisting women and mothers who have been recently diagnosed with HIV.  The three speakers will also discuss the role that Christians are presently called to play in ending HIV related stigma and eradicating HIV.

May 21 – An Instrument of Grace

Please join us for the last forum in a series of forums related to our 100th anniversary celebration.  Throughout this century, music—and the organ in particular—have played an important role in our worship. The organ that we now enjoy has been a part of our worship for several decades. It was renovated in 1999 in order to make it more playable and versatile. Our organist Steve Self will demonstrate the instrument, talk about its versatility, and show how it is used in church services.