Adult Forums – 2016-2017

Adult Forums are held each Sunday at Grace in the Peace Chapel at 9:20 am. Find the coffee in the kitchen, and then find a chair in the peace chapel! All are welcome.

February 12 — And Who Is My Neighbor? A Grace Conversation about Homelessness

Join Grace members Amy Anderson, John Cole Vodicka, and Jenny Mason in a discussion about homelessness in the Twin Cities. They will help us understand what it’s like to be homeless, the factors contributing to homelessness, and the role we can play in finding solutions.

February 19 — The Moravian Floor Tiles at Grace: What do the Symbols Mean?

You’ve probably seen them hundreds of times, but have you ever taken a close look at the symbols on the floor tiles at the front of our sanctuary? Donna Wain Erickson has, and she will enlighten you during this forum. Where did the symbols come from? Who made them? What do they represent? What is their significance? This is the second in a series of forums celebrating our 100 year old building!

February 26 — Preparing for the Challenges of Minnesota’s Changing Climate: Adaptation and Resilience

Minnesota’s climate is already changing and is affecting our state’s environmental, economic and social systems. Learn about climate adaptation —an approach that focuses on planning and implementing measures that can help to cope with climate change impacts. Examples will be given of adaptation steps that can help communities and individuals to increase their resilience. Our speaker is Paul Moss, Climate Adaptation Coordinator with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.