Great Decisions – 2017

Great Decisions meetings normally meet the 4th Monday of the month (February-June & September-November). Terrific topics are lined up in advance, with excellent speakers. We meet at 7 pm in the Peace Chapel on the dates listed below. If you are interested in attending, please contact Janet Jacobson at or 651-690-0483.   All are welcome!

Topics in 2017:

1) The Future of Europe; 2) Trade and Politics; 3) Conflict in the South China Sea; 4) Saudi Arabia in Transition; 5) U.S. Foreign Policy and Petroleum; 6) Latin America’s Political Pendulum; 7) Prospects for Afghanistan and Pakistan; and 8) Nuclear Security.

February 27 – The Future of Europe

Great Decisions 2017 begins February 27 with a program on the future of Europe. Today Europe finds itself in the midst of what some observers have termed “the worst political crisis since World War II.” In addition to Brexit and the potential breakup of the EU, issues related to immigration, a newly aggressive Russia, terrorist attacks, and a battered Euro are just some of the problems Europe is facing. How will these issues impact the relationship between the U.S. and Europe? Our speaker for this program is Mary Curtin, Diplomat in Residence at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and retired Foreign Service officer.

Join the Grace Great Decisions group for an informative and timely discussion. Everyone is invited. If you are not a member of Great Decisions, there is a small charge to attend.