Students & Young Adults

MoSS (Masters of Sunday School) – for Young Adults
2nd Sunday of the Month at 9:20 am at Starbucks on Washington (1 block north)

Gather with other young adults and a theologian from the Grace community for discussion and some coffee or tea.

DECEMBER 11: “Sanctuary Churches as Refuge/Resistance,” a conversation with Grace member Rev. Anita Hill.

Undergraduate Students

For many years a special collaboration has been in the making. Today we are experiencing its benefits. Leaders and members of Grace University Lutheran Church along with leaders and students of Lutheran Campus Ministry –Twin Cities are energized by this collaborative partnership.  Though the partners are separate entities, with their own board and staff, the synergy that happens when these partners come together is very exciting. Together we are finding new and creative ways to be people of faith. As we share each other’s assets, experiences, resources, leadership skills and communities, we find that we are stronger together than we are apart.

The collaboration happens in a variety of ways—here are a few:

  • The vibrant, intergenerational worship at Grace welcomes and expects students to take an active role. Students sing in the choir, serve on committees, share their gifts of presence and faith, engage in social justice work, become members of the congregation, come to potlucks and bring their parents with them to worship!
  • Grace members, as well as other congregations, volunteers, and board members, prepare student soup lunches and other occasional meals.
  • Grace provides office and meeting rooms for staff and programs, a large kitchen and sanctuary for all kinds of worship and community building events.  This brings life to the Grace community.

Located in the center of campus, Grace is a natural place for students to gather and be embraced by a six hundred-member congregation that values their presence.

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