Grace’s Sanctuary Mural & Logo

Charles Pohlman designed the mural in Grace's sanctuary in the 1960s.

Charles Pohlman designed the mural in Grace’s sanctuary in the 1960s.

Grace’s octagon-shaped logo is based on the chancel wall mural. The logo has also been adapted as a diamond shape.

The symbol is based on the word “Grace.” The physical means of grace are represented in the four triangular segments. The top left signifies the action of God through the Holy Spirit in the descent of the dove. The upper right segment represents the water of baptism. The lower portions represent the elements of Holy Communion—the bread signified by the wheat on the lower left and the wine signified by the grapes on the right. The over-all cross form and color scheme are derived from the existing tiles located in the side walls above the arches and the chancel floor.

grace logo - color