Listening with Grace: Inreach 2016

In the fall of 2016, we endeavored to have conversations with as many people in the Grace community as possible, engaging about 60 listeners to invite people into brief, meaningful, one-to-one conversations.

At the Listening with Grace congregational celebration on Sunday, November 20, we shared the core themes that we heard in our 200+ conversations with people across the congregation. What matters most to us, in our own lives and the wider world?  What is God calling us to as a faith community in this time and place? 

We discussed and committed ourselves to:

  • Fostering community
  • Working for social justice
  • Exploring and nurturing spirituality
  • Embracing beauty and joy

The full two-page document is available HERE.  As you consider these themes, what resonates most for you?  What gets you excited?  What might God be calling you to do or be as we continue to shape our ministry together around these themes in the coming year and beyond?

Thank you to all those who made this powerful one-to-one campaign happen – the co-leads, the lead listeners and listeners, all who said yes to a conversation, the “theme team” that created our summary document, and the council and staff for their roles in shaping the inreach from the start and carrying the results forward from here.