Service Groups

God has given us a place, a community, all that we need to be Christ’s body for the world and for each other.  Here at Grace, Christ, embodied in us, extends an inclusive, extravagant welcome in the sharing of a meal of wine and bread and the fellowship of conversation and good food.

Ushering, preparing communion, serving coffee, and reading are shared among members and friends. Volunteer to read by contacting Karen Van Norman at Read below about service groups sharing these other roles.

Carlsen ushers

Our 4 service groups – A, B, C, and D – are comprised of Grace members and long-time friendsEach group has a leader or co-leaders who serve as the communicators, contacting members of the group when it is time to serve. The two “tasks” charged to service groups are Communion Prep/Ushering and Coffee Serving. Each service group serves over a two-month period in a rotation schedule through the year (for example, members of Service Group A do the communion preparation and ushering for the months of September and October; members of Service Group D do the coffee serving for those same two months; then it’s group B and C for the next two months).

Your service group leader will contact you a few weeks before your service months begin, asking for volunteers to fill in the Sundays available. Instructions for serving will be sent a few days beforehand, but you can also find the instructions here:

Communion Preparation Instructions

Ushering Instructions

Coffee Serving Instructions